The nation that started out with people seeking a home to express their religious liberties quickly became a battlefield, where those claiming Christ as their King called the Natives 'savages' and stripped them of their land . After stealing the land and breaking hundreds of treaties with the Natives, the white man declared himself the new owner. He proceeded to kidnap Africans--drug here in shackles--to work the new stolen land for this new "Christian master." With a Bible in one hand and a whip in the other, the white man manifested himself an entire continent, all while denying the women of the nation their rights.

Women, Blacks, Gays--all have been denied their rights in this nation far too long. That truth disturbs me deeply: while we cannot fix the past, we should be ready, willing and able to acknowledge it. Many are not.

I will continue to fight every day to make a reality out of the promise that "all men (and women) are created equal." My purpose is to one day see that all Americans enjoy those "unalienable rights" we all were promised by our less-than-perfect 'Founding Fathers.'

I write about history (yesterday's world); politics (today's world); American society--and how it is being fashioned by distorted Christianity; Science-fiction; racism; and inequality. And anything else that gets under my skin.

Like Medium. If you're a writer on this platform, you're probably frustrated as all hell with the games played here, and I don't like games. A transparent method for paying Creators is an absolute: nothing less will suffice.

I write a alot about America, and about Americans. It's where I live, it's who I am, and it's sinking into the abyss. I'll do my part to try to save it.

I believe Americans are spoiled and lazy, and for the most part are some of the most ignorant people anywhere: we do not know our "true" history, and the great majority of Americans today can tell you little about what is going on in our world. That ignorance--that laissez-faire attitude--is costing us already: rights, long denied, are now being taken away. Without arming ourselves with knowledge and facts, we are doomed to lose all that has been fought for over centuries.

And I am unwilling to give that up: the blood that has been shed to secure those long-denied rights is not lost on me.

I am opposed to liars, cheats, tricksters, control-freaks, racists, thieves--well, that sounds a lot like the GOP. And for the most part it is: they have become the new pariahs of America. I am opposed to their politics, and I will work with every letter I type to thwart them, to slow them, and to ultimately stop them.

America, which still has yet to fulfill its promise, can overcome these demons: it can turn the corner on this ugly time, but that requires conscious effort by those who really love freedom--who treasure liberty.

You don't have to like what I write: you don't have to read it. Don't expect me to Follow you unless you have Followed me with Email and actually have read and commented on my work: otherwise, I will simply ignore you. I am here to write: occasionally, if I read something that is good, I will comment on it. I may Follow, and if I do, it will be with Email because I like the way the writer expresses themself. I don't give or want Claps, Highlights, or other nonsense that distracts from my sole purpose here.

If you read this, you alreay know what that is.

Radical Liberal