This Thanksgiving, remember …

This Thanksgiving, remember America: remember your friends . As Americans prepare to feast and give thanks for all their blessings, we should pause for a moment to remember those who have helped us, who have truly been blessings to us all.

In the picture above, what do you see America? What is this child saying to you on this Thanksgiving Day? Does she make you sad, weeping for her pain, or is she just another child who America will quickly forget as Black Friday sales come into focus?

Where is she from? What does this picture mean? And what should Americans remember about her?

For those who know the story of the first Thanksgiving, the colonists enjoyed a feast with their new found friends-the Native people-who were already living here when the Europeans arrived. Helping the colonists survive that first harsh winter, teaching them how to plant and grow corn, the Natives celebrated right along side their colonist hosts, never seeing the gruesome future that lie in wait for them. During that very first Thanksgiving the colonists were indeed thankful for the Native people, partnering with them to secure the establishment of the colony. Those happy days would not last however, as the colonists formed governments and broke every treaty they ever signed with the Natives. In essence, the colonists, and their elected governments, betrayed those who not only helped them to succeed, but helped them to survive.

By now, you may be thinking that this little girl looks quite a bit like a Native child, living in pain from the inhumane actions of those early colonial governments; sad, perhaps, from life on an Indian Reservation. Destined to face ongoing racism, even hatred in a land where her people helped save the lives of those in need, this child will face Thanksgiving wondering why her people have been abandoned-yes, even betrayed, by Americans far-and-wide.

But you would be wrong.

You see, this little child, this beautiful child, is not a Native child whose people saved the colonists: this little girl is a Kurdish child, whose people saved the Americans in Syria and Iraq from ISIS monsters, only to be betrayed by the current government of those colonists.

This Thanksgiving, remember….

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