Why Trump must be Impeached

When the people elect a president, they expect him to uphold the laws and act to support the nation, not simply himself. When Mr. Trump requested Ukraine conduct investigations into the Bidens, he wasn’t doing that to benefit the American people-he did that to benefit himself. That is what makes this act impeachable: Mr Trump used his office to try to get another country to do something to benefit HIM, not the USA. The Constitution is clear on this fact: presidents may not enrich themselves at the expense of the United States. This is an abuse of presidential authority.

The act he committed-trying to coerce Ukraine’s president to open two investigations-was done so with a catch: if you investigate Biden, I will release the $391 million dollars you need so badly to fight Russia. When you solicit a reward from someone else prior to you doing something for them it is BRIBERY, plain and simple.

When people in his own White House heard him say this on the phone, many knew right away it was illegal. Some went immediately to report it to their superiors, so Trump locked the call information up in a special server, to keep people from reading what he said. He knew it was illegal and tried to hide the evidence. When Democrats asked for the record of the call, or emails or files of White House staff, or documents from key personnel-like the Secretary of State, the National Security Adviser, and the Chief of Staff-the president ordered those people to not cooperate with Congress. This is Obstruction of Justice.

Finally, Congress issued subpoenas to the Trump White House to get Trump to provide the documents they requested. All those subpoenas have been ignored, at the orders of the president. This is a violation of the separation of powers and the issue of Congressional subpoenas, both provided by the Constitution.

The facts are extremely clear here, and Trump has not denied them: he called Ukraine and asked them to conduct an investigation into the Bidens BEFORE he would release the money or invite them to the White House. He obstructed every effort to obtain documents and evidence during the House’s investigation into his acts. And he has prohibited his staff with complying with legal, Congressional subpoenas. These are ALL Impeachable offenses.

This president, if not removed, will become worse. there is an old adage that goes like this:

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

If this president is not removed for these acts, what will he do next? Without the ability to check a president’s power, a president could make himself a king-a ruler that could NEVER be removed for any reason. A dictator.

“I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Shoot Somebody And I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters.”

This is the future of an America that fails to restrain and remove this corrupt president. Democracy is in the balance.

©Timothy J. Sabo