Recently, I wrote a letter titled “Why Trump must be Impeached,” detailing laws the president broke and the Constitutional remedy for that behavior: Impeachment. In the weeks since, Trump has been Impeached for those actions contrary to our laws.

I ended my previous letter asking, “If this president is not removed for these acts, what’s next? “ I also provided a quote from Trump from the 2016 presidential campaign, where he infamously said, “I could stand In the middle Of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

Last week, the world witnessed ‘what’s next’ for this president: in yet another lawless act, Trump fulfilled his statement about committing a public murder and getting away with it. The assassination of General Qassim Suleimani, a high-ranking Iranian, was Trump’s fulfillment of his public murder fantasy: Trump ordered the killing of a citizen of another nation as a stunned world watched.

Suleimani was responsible for the death of many Americans, and his death was long warranted: that is not in debate. What is, however, is Trump’s justification for taking the action now. Congress immediately demanded to be briefed on the killing, but came away from the briefing unconvinced. Even Republican Senators have called the decision “insane,” and lacking in credibility. Trump’s rationale for killing Suleimani at this time is not credible, and many have suggested this act was meant to distract from his impending trial in the Senate.

In other words, Trump ordered the shooting of someone in the public square and lost no voters, exactly as he said would happen.

So the question remains: “If this president is not removed for these acts, what’s next? “ It is time for this reckless and dangerous man to be removed as president.

©Timothy J. Sabo